Business Success Coaching

– “Move From Stuck to SUCCESS”

Keys to Success • Millionaire Maker Mindset • Mental and Emotional Liberty • Using the Law of Attraction in Business and Success and much more……

Suppose you are a C- Level Business Executive, a new company owner, or just trying to climb the ladder. In short, you aspire to be the best in your industry, but you are STUCK and not moving in the direction of SUCCESS.

You need to break through the barriers holding you back mentally, and get to the next level. This process involves learning how to unlock your Key to ‘Success’ and finding your ‘Inner Voice’. You will learn how to eliminate feelings of being defeated and/or deflated by life’s daily endeavors.

Dr. Cali Estes specializes in helping her clients get ‘unstuck’, move forward and achieve both goals/dreams in business and personal matters.

Do you know what ‘keys’ you need to achieve success? Do you know how to ‘unlock’ the bliss and success you crave? Dr. Cali Estes will assist you in opening up new doors and pathways to success. She will assist you in creating the positive mindset necessary to focus on money making, happiness, bliss and emotional freedom. Unlocking your stuck points in both personal and business matters will create the ability to let happiness and business success flow.

Dr. Cali Estes gets to the root cause of ambivalence and ‘stuck points’. She will assist you in moving forward in a productive and excited manner. Ultimately, you will learn how to overcome perceived pressures such as time constraints, anxiety, responsibilities, etc. This will open up new channels of growth in personal matters, relationships and business. Imagine waking up excited to tackle a new day, while having ideas flowing, to create a successful life and business environment of your own.

We offer hourly individual sessions, or a onsite 1 Day Power Release Intensive course, to get you ‘unstuck’ and moving in the right direction. Our powerful exercises will get you thinking and moving in the right direction. We offer a proven method to remove the barriers to success that are holding you back.

Our 3 to 5 Day Millionaire Maker Mindset intensive, will teach you to how to overcome perceived barriers in life. The same barriers which currently prevent you from living the life you desire, and having the business experience you deserve. Wouldn’t you like to unlock your potential and experience the Keys to Success’?  We can help you get there.

“My approach to success and business begins with the proper Mindset. Having a healthy and creative mindset allows for business success. “By utilizing the Law of Attraction and eliminating negative problems, my client and I will build a long-term solution, using a highly integrative process, proven to be tremendously successful.”

Dr. Cali Estes and her team treat each client, based on their individual needs. Together we use proven techniques to create the business success life you want to have. Wether you have not started your business yet, or are already a C-level executive or owner that needs a tune up, the end result is the creation of a dream filled business and life.

Business Keys to Success:

  • Tune Up: You are a C-Level Executive that needs to clear a few pathways and allow the creativity to flow  
  • Discovering potential mental health issues that may be hindering growth
  • Understanding what your Keys to Success patterns are and how to use them in personal and business affairs to your advantage
  • Creating short and long-term goals, with measurable results
  • Uncovering hidden passions and purpose in life, which make you happy
  • Providing additional life coaching and guidance through turbulent periods and rough patches in business and life 
  • Addressing any potential issues of drug addiction (or low lying energies that hold you back from success)
  • Analyzing any family or relationship issues holding you back and addressing them
  • Understanding your pattern of communication
  • Utilizing varied approaches (depending on the client), such as motivational tactics, moderate confrontation and/or responsive therapies to tackle latent ambivalence
  • Focus on Return on Investment Strategies (ROI) in both life happiness, money and measurable success in business
  • Bucket List Creation and deployment.

Success is all about the long-term goals and achievements in happiness, business, life and personal goals. How can we assist you in Business Success?

ARE YOU READY? Are you ready to experience victory in ways you may have never imagined? Contact Dr. Cali Estes at (800) 706-0318