Check out Dr. Cali Estes on the Money Talks podcast as she discusses the 7 Key Principals to Tap into the Wealth Inside You and how to utilize her proven strategies to get to the next level in life. Have you gotten stuck on Money and what it means? You want more of it? Listen in and learn how to apply these principals to get your life “UnPaused and Unstuck”.
When it comes to the subject of money, a lot of people are scared to ask for it because they don’t know their worth. I talk a lot about value and knowing what you’re worth, in this podcast. The other issue surrounding money is that people are taught from little on up that money is the root of all evil, or money is bad, or money is no good and will harm you, or you will be ruined when you have money. Then they watch the news and you see people like Jeff Bezos that owns Amazon not having to pay taxes on his trillion dollar company. This reinforces the idea that money is the root of all evil and people that have won’t share with those that have not.
This then feeds into the limiting belief system that you don’t deserve money or you don’t deserve to be a person that has money and that goal is out of your reach. On this podcast I dispel the limiting beliefs systems that you learned in early childhood and how to work around them and through them to get your goals and needs met.
If you ever wanted to unpause your life and get unstuck, my book, The 7 Key Principles To Tap  Into The Wealth Inside You will help you do that. Check out the free podcast, listen for the website to get your freebie downloads, and if you feel so inclined, pick up a copy of the book on I am also working on a video series and I do Coach one-on-one if you ever need any assistance.
The time is now to get unstuck and motivated.