cali estes

“Hi! My name is Dr. Cali Estes and I am a Transformational Life Coach and Addictions Coach, Therapist, and Wellness Guru. I am the founder of the largest online addiction professionals’ educational school in the globe, The Addictions Academy. I was not born wealthy or with any resources, but by the age of 14 I knew I wanted more out of life than to be married to the local boy-next-door and have a baby at 19. I set out on a journey that took me across the country and I started several different companies with less than $300 in my bank account. One of my goals was to make $1 million dollars and I achieved that by the age of 30, only to lose it all in the economic downturn and have to start over completely homeless and broke, living in a house with no heat and running water at Christmas time in Philadelphia.  “
So how can you succeed in business when you have no money, but you have the hustle-up mentality? Do you have a product or services that is needed but you struggle to map out the business and create the income? Read on for Dr. Cali Estes’ success story and how she built a 7 figure business with $6.00 of business cards and $30 in her bank account.