Failure to Launch


The 20-something • The 30-something • The College Drop-out • and many others…

We all know the classic example of the 30-something living in mom & dad’s basement and working at the local pizza parlor, or the 28-year old college drop-out who’s thrown in the towel on the prospect of education and success. We call it Failure-to-Launch Syndrome, and it is a surprisingly common condition especially among the Millennial Population. They seem lost, not quite sure of whom they are or what they want to do in life. They lack direction, ambition and purpose. As a parent you are probably stressed and feel helpless in how to help them. Dr. Cali Estes specializes in this behavior.

Dr. Cali Estes gets to the root cause of the ambivalence and the ‘stuck points’ to assist her clients in moving forward with their lives in a productive, happy and excited manner. It is not just about the ability to create a life for themselves, but the ability to create a life that has meaning, joy and fulfillment. Wouldn’t you enjoy seeing your loved one wake up every morning excited and ready to jump into the day? Dr. Estes instills self-empowerment to her clients, which inevitably leads them towards goal achievement.

What Causes Failure to Launch? The answer is multifaceted and dependent on the individual client’s personal situation. Examples include but are not limited to: lack of coping skills and mechanisms, overly protective parents that tend to fix their child’s mistakes, influence from friends/peers, lack of resources and more. Dr. Cali Estes gets to the root cause of the issues, and solves the core problems, to create a new life for the Failure-to-Launch client.

My approach to helping those struggling with Failure-to-Launch involves a process creating a new reality. A reality which is built around the client’s persona, abilities and passions. Simultaneously, I assist my client in learning accountability, maturity, patience and the ability to recognize healthy opportunities. My focus is on finding a long-term solution, using a highly integrative process, proven to be tremendously successful.

Dr. Cali Estes and her team treat each client, based on their individual needs. Together mentor and client create a “Re-Launch” process tailored to the client’s unique needs. The end result is the creation of a dream filled life.

Failure-to-Launch related issues we treat:

  • Inability to function on life’s terms (in bed at noon? Dishes in the sink?)
  • Discovering potential mental health issues that may be underlying
  • Addressing employment, jobs, career and school options
  • Creating short and long-term goals, plans and directives
  • Uncovering hidden passions and purpose in life
  • Setting new standards for parents or anyone else enabling the client
  • Addressing education, including short and long-term goals & plans
  • Providing additional life coaching and guidance through turbulent periods
  • Addressing any potential issues of drug addiction (marijuana and alcohol can sometimes be part of the equation in failure-to-launch scenarios)
  • Helping to work through any inter-family related matters or communication issues
  • Utilizing varied approaches depending on the client, such as motivational tactics, moderate confrontation, responsive therapies and so on.

Success is all about the long-term goals and achievements, and that every achievement is another brick in the foundation of independence and success. Our team diligently guides the client to overcome failure to launch syndrome in an expedited manor, while acknowledging that everyone responds differently to the process of change.

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