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“In life you don’t get what you pay for, you get what you negotiate.  How do you successfully negotiate what you need or want when you are a female? How do you make both sides walk away with a win?  Listen in as Dr. Cali Estes teaches you how to “Negotiate like a Badass.”
The first time I bought a Jeep Wrangler, I paid full price. That was the last time I paid full price for a vehicle in my life. Learning body language and tips and tricks on how to negotiate made a big difference, not only in my personal life but also in my business practice. The first thing, and maybe the most important thing, is to decide if you want the item or if you need the item. That can make or break you in the final count for decision making.
For example, in business you need a printer. It’s a simple must-have, to be successful in most companies. So, you can choose a cheap printer for say, $49 or you can go for the Mack Daddy of printers which can easily start at $1000 and go from there.  Now because it’s a need, you may not have much wiggle room if you want the higher end printer because you need it and if it’s a special one of a kind printer or in high demand you’re going to have less negotiating power. If it’s something you need at the end of the day, you’ll have to pay whatever price they’re asking.
Now when it comes to need versus want, it gets interesting. If you want the item, but don’t necessarily need the item, such as a Prada Bag, or maybe a new vehicle, the trick is letting the sales person know that you really don’t need the item and it’s more of a princess purchase or want. This also allows you to walk away from the sale if you don’t get the price point you need. I have walked away from a lot of deals and waited for the person to call me back later in the week with a better price. Most sales people will continue to call until the gap between what you want to pay and what they’re offering is shortened.
The one time when this generally doesn’t work is if it’s an item that’s in high-demand. For example, right now the Jeep Rubicon Recon is brand new. It’s a $62,000 wrangler and it’s overpriced by about $15,000. However, it has a very unique feature that is brand new to the Jeep line and that is a soft top within a hard top model. No car has this, no Jeep has it, it is brand spanking new. Trying to negotiate on an item like this right now will end in disaster because it is in high-demand and people will pay that amount specifically to receive some thing that no one else has. Tune in to the podcast to hear how to deal with this scenario and both wants versus needs.
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