How do you know if someone is untrustworthy? Can you spot the hidden signs in their body language? Probably not, unless you are trained. Check out Dr. Cali Estes as she describes what signs to look for and how to read body language in this feature on UpJourney.

“The Biggest sign of an untrustworthy person is their body language

It is all in how they stand, look at you, and react. Here is what to look for: If they shift their feet from side to side, it is a sign of being nervous in the situation or uncomfortable at what is being said in a conversation.

For example, if you just caught them lying, they will shift side to side because they are nervous in the situation. If they look right generally, they are making up a story to tell you while looking left is recalling a truth. Someone that wrings their hands shows signs of worry, especially if they are trying to hide something from you.

Crossing their arms or crossing arms and legs while seated and leaning back is a closed-off posture, and they are keeping you locked out from their world, indicating anger or underlying misdeed. Raising an eyebrow, or a side glance with a smirk can be associated with victory, them experiencing a win, or deciding that you bought their story.

Adding further to that, some untrustworthy people will curl their lip at the corner when they lie, almost like they think they are about to get away with something and are reveling in their “victory win” already.

This is the most dangerous type of untrustworthy person because they have already convinced themselves that what they did or are about to do is completely fine and normal. This type of person may steal from you, and then actually help you look for the item, convincing you it is simply misplaced.”